Are you new to this church?

We believe that fellowship is crucial to christian life. It's important for us that you feel welcome.


Our church meets on Sundays at 15.00 for fellowship, worship, and to learn more about Jesus.  


During the week we have Deeper. Deeper is a great opportunity to share and bond with your friends in a smaller setting.

We belive that Jesus has called us to serve others. You are more then welcome to come and serve in our church!

THE Sermon

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We gather This Sunday at Mazowiska 37C / 89. 

Come and enjoy fellowship and community with family. 

We worship (celebrate), eat together (community), listen to teaching (the word), in a place you can call home, feel welcome and accepted. 

Hope to see you this Sunday!  

"You are always welcome and accepted in our church"


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Dont do life alone! 

Deeper is a place where you can meet people, share thoughts, challanges and joys - Go Deeper in our everyday life.  


This is a place where we can go Deeper into the bible or in curriculum-based studies with a goal to help us live as christians in our everyday lives. 


Each group meets in the groupleaders home, twice a month, once a week, or even twice a week. Probably, some snacks will be served.

If you want to join, click here and fill out the form and we will find you a group and contact you!


We belive that many christians go through the same struggles, and Deeper can be a place where we can go through the same trials together. 


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We believe that we are a serving church. The reason we can love and serve God is that He first loved and served us through Jesus Christ. The more we are aware of and experience God’s love in our own lives, the more prone we are to respond in love by serving Him. When we truly know God, who is love, our natural response is a desire to love and serve Him in return.


We are an openminded church, and we would love to hear your ideas on how we can serve.

Help us create a sermon with high quality so more people can see Jesus.

If you want to serve in our church, please contact us!